Download BPAG-171 Study Material pdf (FREE) in English

Download BPAG-171 Study Material pdf (FREE)

What is BPAG-171 ?

BPAG 171 is a generic electives course in disaster management offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as a part of the BAG (Bachelor of Arts) & BAPAH.

Why IGNOU students need to download BPAG-171 Study Material pdf ?

There are many reasons why people might need to download BPAG 171 study material. Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. To Prepare for IGNOU Term End Examinations: The IGNOU Term End Examinations are comprehensive exams that covers a wide range of topics related to disaster management. The study material can help students to prepare for the exam by providing them with a comprehensive overview of the material that will be covered on the exam.
  2. To complete the IGNOU Assignments : With the help of BPAG-171 study Material , ignou students can complete their respective BPAG-171 assignment given by ignou faculty.
  3. To learn more about disaster managementThe study material can be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about disaster management. The study material provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of disasters, the causes of disasters, and the different ways to prevent and respond to disasters.
  4. To improve their knowledge and skills in disaster management: The study material can help professionals who work in disaster management to improve their knowledge and skills in the field. The study material provides up-to-date information on the latest trends in disaster management, as well as practical advice on how to prevent and respond to disasters.

BPAG-171 Study Material pdf (FREE) in English

If you want to download blocks of BPAG-171 then you can download one by one. But if you want to download each chapters or units, you can also do that.

Download BPAG-171 Blocks and Units in pdf

There are four blocks and each block is further divided into chapters or units.

Block 1 : Introduction

It is the first block of BPAG-171 in english medium .

Units/Chapters : 4

1. Meaning and Classification of DisastersDownload
2. Hazard, Risk and VulnerabilityDownload
3. Natural and Man-made DisastersDownload
4. Disaster Profile of IndiaDownload

Block 2 : Disaster Management: Concepts and Institutional Framework

It is the Second Block of BPAG-171 .

Units/Chapters : 5

5. Disaster Management Act, Policy and Institutional ArrangementsDownload
6. Disaster Management Cycle with Focus on Preparedness, Prevention and MitigationDownload
7. Disaster Relief and ResponseDownload
8. Damage AssessmentDownload
9. Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and RecoveryDownload

Block 3 : Interrelationship Between Disaster and Development

It is the Third Block of BPAG-171 .

Units/Chapters : 2

10. Climate ChangeDownload
11. Disasters and DevelopmentDownload

Block 4 : Disaster Management: Cross-Cutting Issues

It is the Fourth Block of BPAG-171 .

Units/Chapters : 4

12. Relevance of Indigeneous KnowledgeDownload
13. Community Based Disaster ManagementDownload
14. Disaster Management StrategiesDownload
15. Disaster Management: Case StudiesDownload

In this post, we are giving you BPAG-171 Study Material pdf (FREE) in English medium. You can download seperate blocks or you can download seperate Chapters . Each chapters and blocks are giving with their names .

FAQs (BPAG-171)

Q.1 How many blocks are there in BPAG-171 to download?

Ans. There are 4 blocks to download.

Q.2 Can I download a whole block pdf ?

Ans. Yes, you can download it.

Q.3 How many chapters are in BPAG-171 ?

Ans. There are 15 Chapters to download .

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