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Q.4 Write a well structured composition on the topic: Conservation of national monuments: our role as citizens. (Your essay should have a clear introduction, body and conclusion).

Ans. Title: Conservation of National Monuments: Our Role as Citizens


National monuments are not just relics of the past; they are living testimonials to our shared history and cultural heritage. Preserving these treasures requires collective responsibility. In this essay, we explore the significance of national monument conservation and delve into the pivotal role each citizen plays in safeguarding these symbols of identity.


1. Historical and Cultural Significance:

National monuments embody the stories of our ancestors, the struggles they faced, and the triumphs they achieved. Whether ancient ruins or iconic landmarks, these sites connect us to our roots, fostering a sense of national identity.

2. Threats to National Monuments:

Unfortunately, many national monuments face threats such as pollution, vandalism, and urban development. Climate change poses an additional risk, jeopardizing the structural integrity of some monuments. The responsibility to counteract these threats falls on the shoulders of every citizen.

3. Our Role in Conservation:

a. Promoting Awareness: Citizens must be informed about the importance of national monuments. Educational programs, documentaries, and public campaigns can increase awareness and instill a sense of pride.

b. Responsible Tourism: Tourism can bring both admiration and harm. Being mindful of our impact, practicing responsible tourism, and respecting preservation guidelines are essential.

c. Participating in Restoration Efforts: Volunteering for conservation projects or supporting organizations dedicated to monument preservation is a tangible way citizens can contribute.

4. Advocacy and Civic Engagement:

a. Supporting Preservation Policies: Citizens should actively endorse and engage in policies that prioritize national monument conservation.

b. Community Involvement: Local communities can play a crucial role in the protection of nearby monuments. Involving citizens in decision-making processes fosters a sense of ownership and accountability.


Conserving national monuments is not merely the task of governing bodies; it is a shared responsibility of every citizen. By understanding the historical and cultural significance of these sites, acknowledging the threats they face, and actively participating in conservation efforts, we contribute to the preservation of our collective heritage. As custodians of the past, our role is pivotal in ensuring that these national monuments stand as resilient symbols for generations to come. In safeguarding our history, we secure a richer future.

Q.5 The Student Council of your college has conducted a meeting to organize a campaign to encourage planting of more trees in the neighborhood.  Write a brief report of the meeting.

Ans. Report on Student Council Meeting: Tree Plantation Campaign

Date: [Date]

Venue: College Meeting Room


The Student Council convened a meeting on [Date] to discuss and organize a tree plantation campaign aimed at fostering environmental consciousness within the college community and the surrounding neighborhood.


1. Campaign Objectives:

   – Increase awareness about the importance of trees in ecological balance.

   – Encourage active participation among students and faculty in tree planting initiatives.

   – Enhance the green cover in the neighborhood for a sustainable and healthier environment.

2. Planning and Execution:

   – Identified suitable locations for tree plantation within the college premises and nearby areas.

   – Discussed the procurement of saplings from local nurseries.

   – Established a schedule for the planting event, considering favorable weather conditions.

3. Collaboration with Local Authorities:

   – Explored opportunities for collaboration with local municipal authorities for support and guidance.

   – Contacted environmental organizations to provide expertise and resources for the campaign.

4. Student Involvement and Awareness:

   – Proposed the creation of promotional materials to generate awareness.

   – Discussed the implementation of a social media campaign to reach a wider audience.

   – Encouraged student volunteers to take leadership roles in different aspects of the campaign.

5. Funding and Resources:

   – Explored avenues for securing funding, including potential sponsors and college budget allocations.

   – Discussed the procurement of necessary tools and materials for tree planting.


The meeting concluded with a unanimous commitment to the success of the tree plantation campaign. A follow-up meeting was scheduled to finalize details, assign responsibilities, and ensure seamless coordination among all stakeholders. The Student Council aims to make this initiative not only a one-time event but a sustainable effort towards creating a greener and more environmentally conscious community.

Prepared by: [Your Name]  

Student Council Secretary

Q.6 (i) How is persuasive writing different from argumentative writing?

Ans. Persuasive writing and argumentative writing share similarities but have distinct purposes and characteristics:

Persuasive Writing:

– Goal: The primary aim is to persuade or convince the audience to adopt a particular viewpoint, take specific action, or agree with the writer’s perspective.

– Emphasis: Focuses on emotions, beliefs, and values to appeal to the reader’s sensibilities.

– Tone: Often employs a more subjective and personal tone, utilizing rhetoric, anecdotes, and emotional language.

– Structure: May not follow a strict organizational pattern; instead, it emphasizes a compelling narrative or a strong central idea to win over the audience.

– Example: Advertisements, speeches, opinion pieces, or editorials often use persuasive writing.

Argumentative Writing:

– Goal: Aims to present a well-supported argument with the intention of persuading the reader, but it places greater emphasis on logical reasoning, evidence, and facts.

– Emphasis: Relies on logical appeals, evidence, and counterarguments to strengthen its case. Appeals to reason rather than emotions.

– Tone: Maintains a more formal and objective tone, emphasizing the importance of presenting a balanced and well-reasoned argument.

– Structure: Follows a clear structure with an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs presenting evidence and counterarguments, and a conclusion. Each section contributes to building a logical case.

– Example: Academic essays, research papers, and debates often use argumentative writing.

While both persuasive and argumentative writing seek to influence the audience, persuasive writing relies more on emotional appeals, whereas argumentative writing places a greater emphasis on logical reasoning and evidence. The key lies in the balance between emotional and logical appeals and the overall structure of the piece.

(ii) Write a promotional paragraph encouraging people to buy a new water filter that your company has just introduced into the market.

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